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The Dunhams of Mayflower History has been my family research project since 2010.  My research led to a Mayflower Society certification to Mayflower Pilgrim William Brewster (and unofficially to other Mayflower pilgrims) from a line of Dunhams who moved from Plymouth to Carver, Massachusetts around the early to mid 1700s.  There is only one member of that original family still living in Carver as of 2015.

The Mayflower Society lists many Dunhams throughout their records, but no Carver, Massachusetts’ Dunham has previously been proven to be directly related to a Mayflower Pilgrim…until now.

There are hundreds of non-Dunham family names that are also associated into and under this first-ever Mayflower lineage of Dunhams and I encourage those persons who have been unsuccessfully researching this lineage to go to https://johndunhamsociety.com to find out if you have a family connection with Deacon John Dunham.

If you are researching the Dunham family of Carver, Massachusetts, then you will find that the John Dunham Society has some great information and will review your proposed lineage to John Dunham for a small fee of $20, and they have a full-fledged membership program into their society based on your collected documentation.

Plymouth Village 1832

Plymouth Village, 1832

Maps are a great reference for historical searches, and often even more valuable for ancestral research. Land maps can show property ownership and even family location to another family member. Land ownership maps can be used used along with census documents to give an idea of where family members lived and where they moved.


Historical maps can be used to support your Mayflower Society research.

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full_scanThese are the PRIMARY documents that were used to certify a Dunham family association with Mayflower Pilgrim, William Brewster. Other associations to Mayflower Pilgrims can also be made with the aid of these primary documents.

Remember that PRIMARY DOCUMENTATION is required by the Mayflower Society in order to process a certification of lineage to a Mayflower Pilgrim.

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