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Mayflower Ancestors is a compilation of families stretching back over 400 years and going!

This Mayflower Society certified lineage to Deacon William Brewster from the descendants of the Ebenezer and Abigail (Smith) Dunham family is the FIRST Mayflower Society acknowledged connection of the Dunham Family to Deacon Brewster since 1759.

This genealogy site is dedicated especially to my mother, Diane Frances (MacRae)(Smith) Scott, who gave me this endeavor knowing that I would finish it. So many cherished family members have given their own valuable stories, personal inspirations, time, efforts, and financial support, and they are not to be ignored - "Thank you". You are all truly amazing!

As each of you look back at our history, and read the stories, remember that each person had a life, not unlike yours. We should always strive to be ourselves and follow our dreams, but never forget that the lives of your ancestors carved out a country and passed it to you for safekeeping.

Also within this family collection is a non-Mayflower lineage to a family member which is a famously alleged, but highly likely lineage from King Henry VIII's mistress, Lady Mary (Boleyn) (Carey) Stafford. Lady Mary Stafford was the sister to King Henry VIII's second wife, Anne Bolyen, and also the aunt to Queen Elizabeth I "The Virgin Queen".

NOTE: This website, known hereafter as the "completed work" is copyrighted by Daniel J. Smith (2014) and is, in totality the property of Daniel J. Smith. Unauthorized copying or duplication of this completed work in its entirety is a violation of U.S. Copyright laws.

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